Gender discrimination

There has been a lot of controversy on whether men and women are paid equally. Women have been proven to earn less money than men in every state in the country. Many people believe that women are paid far less than men even in the same career fields. In a passage about women’s rights and how they are discriminated it talks about the amount of income and women makes compared to a man and it looks at the gross difference between the two. In the passage is states “ Women today earn about 80 cents for every dollar men make earn, up just a few cents since 2009.” This quote shows us the pay difference from two different genders and it justifies the claim that women are paid less in our society  ( Gilman, 2019 ) . In an article I came across it was talking about the same issue with gender discrimination. In the article is states “ If women were paid what men were paid, women would gain billions in earnings every year” ( Vagins, 2019 ).This statement is a direct example of my claim about discrimination of gender pay. In the article is also talks about how every states has a different pay amount all depending on your career choice. For an example, in Louisiana they had the largest pay gap out of all the states and the gender pay ratio was sixty nine percent and the state which had the smallest gender pay ratio was California. In my opinion, I believe that equal pay should be taken more seriously and the issue should not keep being set aside. On average, women make around 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes. I think that the amount that a person makes should not be determined by gender and it should instead be based around skill level and a person’s talent in their career field. I am aware that there are plenty of women that make the same amount of income as a man and some even make an immense amount more, but there is still an issue because the majority of women do not get equal pay and I think that we should do something about this.

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